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Yuri on Ice Characters as Pokémon Trainers is The Crossover We Deserve

If you weren't aware, Yuri!!! On Ice is an incredibly popular anime right now that's about a bunch of ice skaters and their lives, full of lots of obstacles, and very interesting and complicated characters, making for a very entertaining show! The other reason it's become so popular is because it's absolutely gorgeous, which you notice the second that you start watching it. Well, an artist by the name of YukiPri has taken some of the characters from the show and shown us what they would look like if they were Pokémon trainers with various ice-type Pokémon, and it's probably one of the better mashups we've seen in a very, VERY long time! You can watch a trailer from the anime below to get yourself interested in it, and then scroll through to see the artist's work! (via)   / For more follow us on FB at @OfficialGayGeeks








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