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How to Bottom Like a Rockstar With No Stains

The most terrifying moment for a bottom or top is messy sex.  It's traumatizing for all parties involved, it ruins the moment and sometimes a potential great relationship or friendship (I once topped a guy who was so embarrassed about getting messy that he blocked me on all social and never spoke to me again).  

.... But anal sex is enjoyable so it's not like your going to stop doing it... so here are some tips on how you can make sure every time is clean so you can have sex with confidence.  

1.  Take a shower:  At the bare minimum shower up, it ensures you are atleast clean around your anus and gives you the option for some rimming fun

2.  Use a finger:  Check to see if there are any remnants of feces by simply sticking your finger in to check

3.  Use an enema:  Enemas are cheap and easy to use.  Basically it pushes water up into your ass which you then push out into the toilet flushing out any possible remnants of feces.  Trust me you'll use it all the time totally worth the $10 you'll spend on it.  I recommend using warm water. 

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4.  Fiber Fiber Fiber:  Fiber is natures broom that naturally sweeps your insides so when you poo it's all nice and neat.  Having a strong fiber diet can really help make sure you are always clean even if you don't have time for prep.  Other health benefits include blood sugar control, weight loss, heart health, skin health and more.  One all natural easy fiber supplement is Pure for Men. 

Pure for Men is a dietary fiber supplement that promotes digestive cleanliness and personal hygiene. Put simply, it keeps your "runway" clear for landing and helps you avoid any embarrassing accidents during playtime. The 100% all-natural, high-grade fibers (psyllium husk, chia and flaxseed) provide bulk, functioning as a cleansing agent as it safely passes through the digestive system. When you "go", you'll go all the way, leaving nothing behind to get in the way of a fun night!
5.  Use a Dildo:  Lastly you can always practice on a dildo.  It can help you stretch and open up before anal and it gives you a chance to see if you are clean enough for the kind of sex you want to engage in.  Dildos aren't that expensive trust me you'll use it over and over again.  Click Here for inexpensive dildos on Amazon

Follow these simple steps and you'll be clean and ready for a fun night


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