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Meet Jordan, the Real Life Anime Boy

Fashionable Geek spotted this anime barista boy at their local Starbucks.  He looks absolutely like an anime boy in real life and he's a great cosplayer.  Check out his photos below and check out his Instagram.

Guy Scares The Sh*t Out of Harry Potter Fans With Dementor Drone

First things first. I'm just gonna say it. This guy's an asshole, and I absolutely LOVE him. A guy by the name of Zac on Twitter has an uncle who recently got a drone, and decided to have way too much fun with scaring the ever living SHIT out of all the Harry Potter fans in his neighborhood by attaching what very much looks like a Dementor, and he's literally my hero. Seriously, I need to find this guy and literally give him the biggest hug in the universe, followed by immediately becoming best friends. 

16 Photos of Sexy Man Sailor Scouts Reporting for Duty!

Check out this awesome man Sailor Scouts by jokeintheboxcosplay

This Dog Sounds Like a Legit Star Wars Tie Fighter

When Geraldine the beagle the dog barks she sounds like a legit Star Wars tie fighter..... so much so that Andrew Saunders created a funny video that works in the sounds of Geraldine barking to footage of tie fighters flying.  Watch the video below.



HeyQweenTV presents HE'S FIT! Hosted by Hey Qween Lap Dancer, Fitness Trainer and Playgirl Cover Model Greg McKeon. Every week Greg talks to extremely hot guys and finds out how they got SO FIT!

This week the man behind the character Miss Fuego joins Greg to get all sweaty!

Shayne Ward of 'Coronation Street' and 'X Factor' fame jerks it

Watch the British actor and singer get dirty on Skype. View all the GIFs here!

Watch the First Trailer Crazyhead, the Buffy Like Show Coming to Netflix

Brought to by Howard Overman, the creator of the awesome dark superhero comedy Misfits.  Crazyhead is a little bit Misfits, a little bit Buffy Mixed in with some Scooby gang and follows Amy and Raquel as they battle demons.

Howard was a genius with the Misfits, capturing the right amount of teen angst and humor and I'm hoping he can recapture that Crazyhead.  Watch the trailer below.

Doctor Who Spinoff 'Class' Gets a Gay Kiss And a Trailer

A brand new and full trailer has just been released for the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff, Class, full of wonder, aliens, rips in time/space, The Doctor, AND a sneaky little gay kiss! Now, although we're not wanting to make this all about the gay kiss and we have to admit that we're pretty damn excited about it, we're also just freaking out in general because this is basically going to be like a British Buffy The Vampire Slayer (kind of), which sounds like the single best thing to happen to television since Doctor Who! 

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Which Gay Guy Are You at the Club?

I'm totally the 'too masc to dance' guy, not sure if I'm too masc or I really just suck at dancing but I don't dance at the clubs.  Watch instagram user JohnnysiBilly's hilarious take on every gay guy at the club.  Which one are you?

If You're a Geek With a Latex Fetish Here Is an Awesome Black Panther Costume

If you have a love for Rubber Latex and you're a geek you'll love KinkOn's Black Panter, Superman and Batman outfits.  KinkOn makes all kinds of rubber latex outfits and toys and updates their products every week so make sure you visit them often.  If you are interested in a geeky rubber fetish outfit you can visit them on their etsy right here-->

Watch This Sexy Fan Made Video of Britney's 'Change My Mind'

Watch two gay men beautifully execute a dance where they flirt, kiss, in and out of their relationship.  It's a bit of everyone's relationship set to contemporary dance art and Britney Spears 'Change My Mind'.  It doesn't hurt that they are both sexy... watch the video below. 

Watch Ellen And Rachel McAdams Get Justin Hartley All Wet

Recently on Ellen, we got to see the ridiculously sexy Justin Hartley get shirtless and into the 'My Water Broke' tank on stage as Ellen and Rachel McAdams pull these sticks out that were holding a bunch of pink water balloons, slowly getting him more and more.... wet, and we're definitely not complaining! Any time someone brings some hunky guy on stage, it's kind of hard for us NOT to get excited about it! What's even better is that Ulta Beauty donated $10,000 to charity for soaking him on stage, and ANOTHER $10,000 for him being SHIRTLESS!


11-Year-Old Boy SLAYS Lady Gaga Dance Performance

In this magnificent video, we get to see 11-year-old Sean Lew prove to us that it doesn't matter how old you are, if the hands of Jesus have blessed you with insane dance moves, you can do ANYTHING. With the dance routine choreographed by Miguel Zarate, we see Sean dance his heart out to Lady Gaga's 'Applause,' and I'm so freaking impressed, I don't even know how to function any more. All I have to say is that boy SLAYED that goddamn routine! YAAAS!

The Oatmeal Brings Us a New Card Game With 'Bears vs. Babies'

Famous comic book artist The Oatmeal has just created another super fun looking card game with Bears vs. Babies, and with the wild success of their last card game Exploding Kittens, we can't wait to see what his one has in store for all of us! Here's what they had to say about it:

Bears vs Babies is a card game where you build handsome, incredible monsters who go to war with horrible, awful babies.

"It was created by the same people who made Exploding Kittens: Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs) and Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal). The game takes a few minutes to learn, it’s kid-friendly, and each round takes about 20 minutes to play."

Click here to donate to their Kickstarter to be among the first to get your hands on it!

All Guinea Pigs Deserve to Have These Leather Steampunk Wings

I don't know about you guys, but I think that these leather steampunk wings from the wonderful humans at SkyPirate Creations are the single best thing that has ever happened to a guinea pig. EVER. The little guy's (I think it's a boy) name is Pulguinha, and fully equipped with cooling fan and everything, and let's just say that we would absolutely LOVE to see him fly, plus, we're pretty sure that almost all animals (including humans) wish that they could fly. I know I do!


HeyQweenTV presents HE'S FIT! Hosted by Hey Qween Lap Dancer, Fitness Trainer and Playgirl Cover Model Greg McKeon. Every week Greg talks to extremely hot guys and finds out how they got SO FIT! 


Nintendo Switch Is Here and So Are the Memes!

Here are our favorite memes making fun of the Nintendo Switch... you knew they were coming and something tells me these are just the beginning.  What did you think about the reveal of the Nintendo Switch?  Will you be first in line to get one?

10 Handmade Gaming Console Desk Lamps

Here is what you do with your old gaming consoles.... turn them in to awesome homemade lamps.  These were created by artist 1UP Forge and you can actually buy them now on Amazon.

Castlevania Remade With Unreal Engine Has a Playable Demo

If you've ever wanted to see what Castlevania would look like if it was remade using Unreal Engine, then you're very much in luck. An incredibly talented developer by the name of Dejawolfs has taken it upon themselves to recreate the entire first Castlevania game using the engine, and not only does it look a million times better than the original, but they also just released the first stage available as a demo which you can get here by clicking right here!

Nintendo Announces New Console With 'Nintendo Switch'

Nintendo has finally announced their new console, and it looks like it's no longer going to be called the 'NX' like we all had thought before. Titled the 'Nintendo Switch,' it looks like the new console will not only allow users to play games on it at home on their TV's, but you will now have the ability to slide the controllers onto the console, and TAKE THE THING WITH YOU BECAUSE IT HAS A SCREEN ON IT AND CAN PLAY IT ON THE GO! The concept is pretty great, and as long as the battery lasts longer than 5 minutes, I could see this becoming one of Nintendo's most popular consoles yet!.... but with that being said... something tells me a lot of memes are also on the way.

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